font style test

Just wanted to a do a style test of the what the blog post styling will look like.  here is a bunch of filler text!  I want to keep it loose and sorta make it look like it was done in all graphite.

The font is Chinacat, and the Brush is from Kyle T. Webster’s drawing pack,

Here is some Sample WordPress content

WordPress XML Import List:

  • 5 Pages, with full content
  • 10 Posts, with content, including Tags, Categories and Excerpt
  • 21 Unique Tags
  • 11 Unique Categories
  • 10 Unique Comments, including several from the ‘Tester’ user (Administrator)
  • 7 Default Links
  • 1 Post (under category ‘Bullet List’) contains a Bullet List
  • 1 Post (under category ‘Numbered List’) contains a Numbered List
  • Various Lengths on each posts content and title
  • If you are not familiar with Importing an .XML file into WordPress then follow this quick guide (based on the 2.6 version of
  • WP).

Guide For Importing The XML Into WordPress:

  1. Unzip the .XML from the downloaded archive
  2. Log into your WP administration area (https://www.sitename/wp-admin)
  3. Select Manage from the main menu
  4. From the Manage sub-menu, select Import
  5. You will be provided with a list of Blog types you wish to import from, select WordPress from the bottom of the list
  6. Next select Browse
  7. Locate to the .XML you downloaded from the link below, select Okay
  8. Finally, select Upload File and Import
  9. Any problems let me know, but it should be fairly straight forward! Finally here is the download link:

Download: WordPress XML Import