Apartment Layout


Hey hey guys!  just wanted to show you some behind the scenes stuff.  here’s my apartment, well it’s Emmerson’s too! haha ✏ I wanted to keep all the backgrounds and locations pretty solid. So doing a little top down diagram like this really helped me when I was planning my scenes. It was a lot easier to image how a camera would see these rooms once I drew this. 📐

Also big news!  my twitter account is BLOWING UP!  @Erotibot and @Pillowfort both have been retweeting and sharing Nerds Unzipped a ton recently and now It’s almost at at a thousand followers!




Also!  there is a new URL now!

the comic is now called Nerds Unzipped  which I thought was way catchier and easier to say.  the old URL will still redirect here so hopefully it wont be any kind of setback.  and the comic is still very early on.