10 Pages wow!


The first 10 pages are finished!  what a crazy year its been!  I’ve never attempted to illustrate more than 1 or 2 pages of a comic before so this is a huge mile stone!  The instragram which started from zero is now at 180 followers!  and my new grounds page is getting some traction as well!


I’ve learned a few things about comics along the way,  first off.  planning is EVERYTHING.  I realized most of the reason I could never complete a comic in the past is that I never attempted to do  thumbnails or plan dialogue. I simply illustrated each panel in order and was crushed under the weight of trying to illustrate while simultaneously trying to problem solve and tell a story. not so with NSFNerds.  with this comic, I thumbnailed out 32 pages before ever doing a clean drawing.

Spoilers obviously,  but here is what all my planning looked like!


Anyways,  I hope you guys continue to read,  the first 10 pages was a lot of story and development,  but the next 22 will get to the actual sex!  that’s right!  There will be sex!  it is an adult comic after all.  I just really wanted to make something that both has both story, believable characters and sex! here’s to more pages